[Dev][Quotation] Classic mistakes of software development.

From rapid development (Steve McConnell)

– Undermined motivation.
– Weak personnel : “Should be suitable person (Not available person!)”
– Uncontrolled problem employees.
– Heroics : Always shouting “Can do” and don’t report risk till last stage of project.
– Adding people to a late project.
– Noisy, crowded offices.
– Friction between developers and customers.
– Unrealistic expectations.
– Lack of effective project sponsorship.
– Lack of stakeholder buy-in.
– Lack of user input.
– Politics placed over substance.
– Wishful thinking.

– Overly optimistic schedules.
– Insufficient risk management.
– Contractor failure.
– Insufficient planning.
– Abandonment of planning under pressure.
– Wasted time during the fuzzy front end.
– Shortchanged upstream activities.
– Inadequate design.
– Shortchanged quality assurance.
– Insufficient management controls.
– Premature or overly frequent convergence.
– Omitting necessary tasks from estimates.
– Planning to catch up later.
– Code-like-hell programming.

– Requirements gold-plating.
– Feature creep.
– Developer gold-plating.
– Push-me, pull-me negotiation.
– Research-oriented development.

– Silver-bullet syndrome.
– Overestimated savings from new tools and methods.
– Switching tools in the middle of a project.
– Lack of automated source-code control.


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