[Linux] Creating user-space process in Kernel

⚬ Concept
    - Creating Kernel Thread
    - Fork by call 'do_fork' directly (because, this is inside kernel!)
    - Exec by call 'do_execve'

⚬ Code walkthrough
    • kmod.h
        call_usermodehelper / call_usermodehelper_fns

    • kmod.c
            -> setup subprocess infos.
                : path to execute, arguments, env variables etc
            -> set 'work' function of 'workqueue' to '__call_usermodehelper'
                : INIT_WORK(&sub_info->work, __call_usermodehelper);
            -> setup subprocess functions
            -> queue this work to 'khelper_wq' workqueue.
        __call_usermodehelper() /* <- in work queue (khelper_wq) */
            pid = kernel_thread(___call_usermodehelper, sub_info, CLONE_VFORK | SIGCHILD);
            : set pc to 'kernel_thread_helper'- assembly function
            pid = do_fork(flags|CLONE_VM|CLONE_UNTRACED, 0, &regs, 0, NULL, NULL);
            : Shuffle the arument into the correct register before calling the thread function
            : set pc to given thread function (in this example, '___call_usermodehelper()' function.)
            kernel_execve(sub_info->path, sub_info->argv, sub_info->envp);

    • sys_arm.c
            : make it to user space process!

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